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Article: Breastfeeding - A deep bond between mother and child

Stillen - Eine tiefe Bindung zwischen Mutter und Kind

Breastfeeding - A deep bond between mother and child


Breastfeeding is a precious moment when mother and child connect on a unique level. It is not only a natural way of feeding, but also a deeply emotional and all-encompassing experience. In this blog post, we want to shed light on the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby's and mother's health, while exploring the wonderful journey of breastfeeding.

The beginning of a loving and deep bond

Breastfeeding provides an extraordinary moment of closeness and physical contact between mother and child. Physical contact is very important to build a strong bond and increase trust between mother and baby. During breastfeeding, hormones are released that induce a feeling of relaxation and happiness in both mother and baby. This magical moment creates a foundation for a lifelong bond.

The health benefits for the baby

Breast milk is the best food for newborns and infants. It is rich in antibodies, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of infections, allergies, asthma and obesity. It promotes the healthy development of the brain and jaw muscles and supports the baby's growth in the first months of life.

The health benefits for the mother

Breastfeeding not only provides benefits for the baby, but also for the mother. It helps the uterus return to its normal size more quickly and reduces the risk of postpartum bleeding. Breastfeeding can also help reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis. In addition, breastfeeding burns extra calories and can help the mother's weight return to normal more quickly.


Although breastfeeding is a natural function, some mothers may encounter challenges. Problems such as sore nipples, engorgement or insufficient milk production may arise. It is important to know that there is extensive support and advice available, whether from midwives, lactation consultants or other mothers who have had similar experiences. With the right support, many challenges can be overcome and breastfeeding can become an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Practical helpers

Accessories can make breastfeeding more enjoyable and improve the comfort of both mother and baby. Here are some popular breastfeeding accessories:

    1. Nursing Pillow: A nursing pillow provides support and comfort for the mother while breastfeeding. It can be used to keep the baby in a comfortable position and reduce pressure on the mother's back, neck and arms.

    2. Nursing pads: Nursing pads help to absorb leaking breast milk and keep moisture away from the mother's skin. This prevents soaking through clothes and reduces the risk of skin irritation and infection.

Breastfeeding – yes or no?

Every mother should have the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether she wants to breastfeed or not. The health aspect must not be ignored. There are medical reasons that speak against breastfeeding, such as taking medication.


Breastfeeding is more than just a way of feeding. It is a precious journey that strengthens the bond between mother and child and offers numerous health benefits. It is an intimate moment of love, closeness and security. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, it is important that every mother receives support and respect. Let us celebrate this wonderful journey of breastfeeding and honor the importance of this unique relationship between mother and child.

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