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Article: Changing mat made to measure – standard like 75×75 is a thing of the past

Wickelauflage Individuell nach Maß – Standard wie 75×75 war gestern

Changing mat made to measure – standard like 75×75 is a thing of the past

Changing mat as basic equipment for the baby

To have a complete set of equipment for the baby, buying a Changing mat / Changing mat unavoidable. The pad should be purchased before the baby is born. There are numerous models available in many price segments, so choosing is not exactly easy. Below are some tips to make it easier to choose a suitable pad from the wide range on offer.

Why do I need a changing mat?

Changing pads offer the baby a lot of comfort when diapers need changing. The pad provides good padding so that the baby is not lying naked on the table when changing. The soft padding of a pad is comfortable for the baby, so that it feels good. This makes changing easier. There are clear differences in the padding and material properties of the changing pads , which are also reflected in the price of the pad. Soft padding has become the standard for pads.

Custom-made changing mat suitable for all changing tables/changing attachments

The basic equipment of a baby room usually includes a Changing table . This is usually equipped with a Changing table The attachment essentially consists of a frame so that the baby does not slip and fall off the dresser when changing. A soft and comfortable pad can then be placed precisely on top of this so that the baby can lie comfortably on the dresser when changing.

The Changing mats are usually standardized in size so that they fit perfectly on almost any changing table. A changing table is very practical. On the one hand, the dimensions of the dressers are designed in such a way that you can change the baby at an appropriate working height. This quickly prevents back pain. Furthermore, all utensils for changing can be stored in the dresser, such as Utensilos , Terry cloth towels, diapers, cream, cleaning cloths and laundry can be stored here. This way you always have all the utensils close at hand.

Why buy changing mats online from Milimina?

Changing mats from Milimina offer you individual solutions for your changing table or changing attachment. At Milimina it doesn't matter whether you have a special size or a standard size such as changing mats 75×75 or 85×75 etc. We manufacture to measure. Our lovingly hand-made changing mats are made by hand in our studio in Kreuzau near Düren. This means that each mat is unique. We have deliberately decided against foreign production because we want to offer you flexible and quick solutions.

Oeko Tex certification

For our changing mats we only use materials that have been tested for harmful substances according to the tried and tested Oeko Tex procedure. Because the baby always has a lot of skin contact with the mat when changing, the material used should be skin-friendly. Otherwise, unnecessary irritation of the baby's skin could quickly occur.

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