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About Us

Hello and welcome to Milimina!
We're glad that you're visiting our online shop for handmade baby equipment. Now we'd like to talk less about the shop and tell you a bit about ourselves.

Who or what is Milimina?
Milimina is a small family business founded by Olga and Artem Kraus with the mission of producing loving baby equipment individually for expectant parents, i.e. handmade.

In our studio and our partner sewing shop we make magical changing mats, bed snakes, utensil holders, crawling blankets, baby blankets, diaper bags, sleeping bags, swaddling blankets, terry towels, baby nests and much more for you.


Milimina currently consists of a team of six and is bursting with creativity and individuality. That's what makes us special. Olga and Artem Kraus are at the front and are supported by Viki, Elsa, Alex and Viktor.

How did the name "Milimina" come about

How did the name Milimina come about?
It happened in 2019 when Olga and Melina, our daughter, were at the hardware store to buy some things for the house. Olga was looking for a tape measure while Melina ran ahead.
She had had millimeter in her head the whole time. When she called for Melina she got distracted and millimeter + Melina became “Milimina”

Sometimes it's the simple things that lead to something special. We liked the name so much that we chose it for our company.

our mission

We as a team are convinced that with excellent handwork you can produce high-quality baby equipment true to the motto “For the love of the baby”

We particularly stand for individuality. Because everyone has their own style and needs. That's why we make our baby equipment according to the wishes of our mothers. In the end, your satisfaction is the hallmark of our work.


Why do we produce customized products?
Over the years we have learned that individuality is in high demand and parents are increasingly moving away from the run-of-the-mill standard and instead want something personal and individual. That is why we have decided to make baby equipment to measure. We have received consistently positive feedback and are grateful that it has been so well received.


How do we define quality?
For us, quality is not just a feeling, but also the origin of the materials and the craftsmanship. As parents, we know that the materials are natural and tested for harmful substances. That is why all of our materials are Oeko Tex 100 Standard certified. Because the health of your baby is particularly important to us.