Changing mat Galaxy

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Changing mat Galaxy

Milimina changing mat is a one-of-a-kind item that is specially made to measure and lovingly handcrafted from cotton. Our modern waffle piqué with the playful Galaxy pattern ensures a unique appearance. In addition, our changing mats are all Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certified and therefore meet the highest quality standards. Sustainability also plays a major role for us. We consciously use materials from sustainable cultivation.


An adventure for the children's room.
With the Galaxy changing mat, a real adventure comes into your baby's room. Inspired by the infinite expanse of the universe, your changing mat becomes a playground where your child can enjoy a safe break after changing diapers. The playful pattern and the beautiful colors will take your child to another world.

The design of the Galaxy changing mat allows for an unforgettable adventure in the children's room. The high-quality materials ensure a robust and durable product that can withstand your child's wild activities.

✔ Supports an adventure theme in the children's room - playful design
✔ High quality materials - sturdy and durable
✔ Beautiful design & colors - carefully chosen to delight children
✔ Easy cleaning
✔ Practical - suitable for on the go and at home
✔ Sustainable
✔ Custom made changing mat

Easy cleaning & convenience.
Even if the adventure is wild and challenging, your home stays clean. The space changing mat can be easily cleaned and washed. So you can experience your adventure again and again. We will send you care instructions.

The comfortable soft volume fleece provides a soft and comfortable base. Your child rests relaxed and safe in his own adventure. Thanks to the good padding of approx. 4cm, your child can move freely when changing.

FAQ about the product:

A. Question: What is special about the changing pad?
B. Answer: Our changing mat features a playful design with an adventure theme that encourages creativity while providing a comfortable changing mat.

A. Question: What size is the changing mat?
B. Answer: The changing mat is made to measure. Enter your measurements in the appropriate field.

A. Question: What should I consider when caring for the changing mat?
B. Answer: To keep the changing mat clean, we recommend wiping it with a damp, soft cloth every now and then without rubbing too hard. It can also be washed in the washing machine.

A. Question: What materials are used?
B. Answer: Our changing mats are made with a robust premium sample fabric in combination with a matching waffle fabric and a soft, padded volume fleece.

A. Question: Can the pad be made in a different color?
B.Answer: Yes, you can. Individuality is our characteristic. A few examples: Changing mat smoke blue in combination with the Boho Waldfreunde fabric.

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